We are a group of licensed and board certified Chinese medical practitioners located in Burbank/Toluca lake. We use Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbal prescriptions, nutrition and life style counseling to help patients achieve a state of true health and vitality.


At Aquino & Associates we strongly believe in integrative medicine, knowing that Chinese and Western medicine can co-exist in harmony. Understanding both their values and limitations is of primary importance as we work with an individual’s varying needs. Deeply committed to providing our patients with the highest standard of patient care, we strive to make them feel comfortable and welcome. We pledge an attitude of compassion, professionalism and respect.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a complete health care system that strives to balance the body, mind and spirit. Catherine & her associates have effectively treated patients suffering from many problems, including but not limited to pain due to arthritis, knee and back pain, carpel tunnel, headaches, as well as fatigue, depression as well as adjunctive therapy for patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

All of the practitioners at Aquino Acupuncture & Associates are knowledgeable and experienced in treating a wide range of problems but each practitioner has an area of special interest. Catherine Aquino and Janene Mitchell both have specialty and advanced credentials in gynecology and fertility. Dr. Mingdong Li is an MD from China and is adept in pain syndromes of various causes as well as internal medicine.